Our principle of operation in a nutshell…

All our competence and capacity is used in order to implement our customer’s wishes and requirments into intelligent solutions.

By taking all relevant information into account and intelligently using newest technologies, we create indivdual solutions for you and your specific demand structure.

We will gladly give you a more in depth view into our process and the coupled workflow, as we as a company want to be as transparent as possible.

  • test stands / equipment
  • torque test stands
  • air mass test stands
  • pc supported data acquisition
  • rel-time systems
  • bus systems
  • programmable controllers / control cabinets
  • quality assurance systems
  • controlled fully automated processes
  • central and decentral data acquisition
  • process visualisation
  • interfaces (integration of sensors)
  • remote maintenance
  • statistic process control